B2B eCommerce Unified With Your ERP

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Synchronize eCommerce, Marketing, CMS, and ERP within a single platform. Designed for manufacturers and distributors, Nomad's robust SaaS solution enhances the smooth connection between ERP and digital platforms for unparalleled site management efficiency.

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Flexible B2B eCommerce Platform. Synchronized to Your ERP.

Seamlessly connect your ERP and digital platforms for unified site management.

“Our goal is to always be on the leading edge in comparison to our competitors. We now have a new website that flawlessly integrates to our ERP. Our customers love the new website and platform.”

— Aaron Lindholm, Vice President and CEO, Veloci

Why Nomad for B2B eCommerce

Seamless ERP Integration

Connect to your ERP data and send it to where it’s needed — eCommerce site, account portal, punchout catalogs, customer catalogs, etc. — for a true, headless B2B omnichannel commerce solution.

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B2B Pricing Complexities Made Effortless

Efficiently manage even the most complex B2B pricing models to ensure your customers see their negotiated price every time.

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B2B Pricing Complexities Made Effortless

Comprehensive Product Configuration and Variation Support

Utilize data from your ERP to simplify product variation and configuration-based orders and cater to the unique needs of your customers.

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Product Configuration

Secure, Flexible, Personalized B2B Checkouts

Generate accurate shipping estimates, customize payment options, and meet the needs of your customers during every step of the checkout process.

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Customer-Centric, Intuitive B2B Self-Service Experiences

Equip B2B customers with essential self-service features such as PO upload to cart, multi-faceted search, unique inventory sets, easy reordering, and more.

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Customer Centric, intuitive b2b self-service experience

Integrated, Streamlined Accounts Receivable Management

Utilize ERP data to provide B2B customers with secure access to needed information and electronic payment capabilities while automating account receivable.

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Integrated Accounts Receivable Management

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“Nomad really does a lot more work for us than a standard B2C eCommerce system. We’ve put Nomad to the test on a completely different level.”

— Walter Vaughn, VP of IT, Steele Rubber

B2B eCommerce ROI Calculator

We’ve used productivity studies and publicly available research to estimate the financial impact of investing in an integrated eCommerce platform. Use our calculator below to see how much value you could add to your business.

0 50 1,000
0 0% 100%
0 1 100
0 $30,000 $100,000
ROI (Nomad Savings After Subscription - Annual): $0
Hours Saved (Annual): 0
Dollars Saved (Annual): $0

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