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Miya Company

In 1947, Mr. Miya [pronounced MEE-ya] incorporated his flower shop on 28th Street in New York City. Over the years, this little mom & pop shop has evolved into Miya, Inc., the premier importer and wholesaler of Japanese tableware and gifts on the East Coast.

Owned and operated by Mr. Miya's nephew and family, Miya continues to bring the best of Japan home so you can too. The family travels in and around Japan to find pieces to share with their customers that reflect the unique and modern Japanese aesthetic.


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Retail / Gifts

The Introduction

In 2009 Miya Company was introduced to an eCommerce web solution company called Sniperdyne (now Nomad eCommerce). Miya Company needed an industry-standard website connected to their backend Macola Progression enterprise resource planning platform (ERP). At the time, Miya had a website to showcase their items but did not provide a way to purchase them through the site. As Miya Company reached more businesses and consumers and the demand for products increased, they realized they needed an online storefront that streamlined their business and could generate orders with speed and accuracy. They wanted to eliminate the manual effort around order processing.

Miya was also looking to save money by cutting out their direct catalog mailing. They had planned to put pricing on their website, but it was time-consuming to get it updated daily with no ERP integration. They needed a way to automate pricing for their products.

When searching for an eCommerce platform, the owner at Miya focused on a solution that provided integration to the ERP they were currently using. At the time, Nomad eCommerce had been one of the best eCommerce solutions with rich experience working with Macola.

“When we met with the Nomad team, we instantly knew that they were going to be the right fit for us.” - Bob Matsukawa, Owner of Miya Company

The Right Fit

When Miya started their search for an eCommerce platform, they evaluated Shopify and BigCommerce. They were among the providers Miya was interested in because most of their industry peers were using Shopify at the time. But after some research, demos, and conversations, Miya decided to use Nomad.

“Shopify wasn’t a fit for our company. For us, it came down to reliability. We immediately felt confident with Nomad. Our customers love our site and the functionality it provides.”

The Solution

After choosing Nomad for their business, they created a plan for their online storefront and business. At first, Miya started with a standard wholesale business-to-business (B2B) site. With the ability to log in to the site, vendors could come to the site and see orders and account information catered to their business activities. Miya could show customized pricing and discounts to each specific customer. After a few years of just the B2B site, they decided to open a storefront to direct customers organically to their site with a business-to-consumer site (B2C).

Nomad was able to do a complete redesign of their site at this time. The new site highlighted enhancements such as scroll-over images, a new menu bar, and a modern, clean look.

The Result

By deploying both sites through Nomad eCommerce, Miya Company has saved time and money by efficiently updating its products and pricing. With the manual tasks eliminated, employees can now spend more time on other value-added business tasks rather than spending time and money on printed catalogs.

“It was great working with the team at Nomad; they were always right there to help and take care of any issues. They are a reliable team, and that’s key for a software company.”

Customers notice when a site is modern, fresh, has fast page loads, and accurate information. Miya Company now has two beautiful websites to showcase products.

“The Nomad solution has worked well for us for many years; we have many customers who have been happy with the way our site has been placing orders year after year. We have heard lots of positive feedback.”

About Nomad eCommerce

Located in O’Fallon, IL, a suburb of St. Louis, Nomad eCommerce has been in business for over 20 years, developing web and eCommerce solutions.

We provide a universal catalog & content management system enabling fully integrated B2B & B2C transactions with Microsoft Dynamics, Macola & SYSPRO. Nomad has created award-winning, customer-centric solutions that help companies successfully integrate data from their ERP to their web storefront, increasing customer usability and satisfaction.

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