Nomad eCommerce vs BigCommerce

Why Choose Nomad eCommerce vs. BigCommerce

Key B2B Features Nomad eCommerce BigCommerce
Multiple users under one customer (i.e. company) ID Workaround needed
Immediate user authentication -
Checkout and payment processes personalized to each customer/company Customization needed
Full complex pricing model support (cost plus, value-based, quantity-break, and competition-driven pricing)
Sell inventory in different units of measure and from different locations (i.e. warehouses) Workaround needed
Convert between stocking units and selling units of measure
Range of inventory display options Limited
Product configurator Workaround needed
Shipping discounts

Why B2B Companies Prefer Nomad eCommerce vs BigCommerce

ERP Integration

Optimize B2B eCommerce using data from your ERP. Our system mirrors your ERP, enabling unique eCommerce solutions aligned with your business processes. Data entries sync automatically across systems, eliminating standalone sites, data silos, and manual transfers.

Better B2B Buyer Experience

Customers can access item availability, pricing, order status, shipping updates, and payment info online, personalized for them. This improves customer experience and reduces administrative tasks for your sales and back-office teams.

Easily Customize Pricing

Pricing updates within the ERP automatically reflect on your eCommerce site, ensuring accurate, efficient pricing. Customers see their negotiated prices with product and shipping discounts and promotions—by quantity, item, or customer spend appearing automatically—for the right price every time.

Simplified Ordering and Reordering

Buyers can reorder with one click or use saved lists of items to quickly repurchase standard configurations. A speed order form allows user to directly key in SKUs, ensuring seamless (re)ordering and boosting customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment Options

Nomad supports SaaS and hybrid cloud deployments. Access on-premise data for report building while your eCommerce storefront stays in the cloud with features updates every 3-4 weeks. Our SMB-focused subscription model ensures you always have the latest software without manual updates.

Product Configuration and Variations

Nomad allows unlimited item variations driven by stocked items from your ERP. For intricate setups, we support 'if-else' conditional logic for base item customization. For volumetric setups, users can input data within specified bounds for flexible length and width customization.

5 Reasons Not To Use an Historically B2C eCommerce Platform for Your B2B Business

Synchronized ERP and eCommerce

Key data like pricing, items, customers, and orders are all centralized in your ERP. Nomad excels at seamlessly integrating and syncing this data with our eCommerce platform, elevating and personalizing your customers' experience.

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Ready to create the flexible B2B eCommerce experience your customers are demanding?

Demand Products Boosts Website Sales by 60% and Increases Order Size by 40% with Nomad

Demand Products switched from BigCommerce to Nomad, significantly enhancing their eCommerce operations by directly integrating with Acumatica ERP. This change facilitated advanced B2B features such as improved search functionality, flexible shipping discounts, and simplified sales tax management.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a B2B eCommerce platform? +

Selecting a B2B eCommerce platform designed for B2B operations is essential. Most eCommerce vendors with roots in B2C lack the robust native support for complex B2B features like personalized pricing, product configuration, and advanced inventory management tools wholesalers. Without these features, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers struggle to manage large catalogs, streamline ordering processes, or integrate seamlessly with their existing ERP systems.

Is BigCommerce good for B2B? +

BigCommerce, while widely used for B2C eCommerce, faces challenges in adapting to B2B requirements. It struggles to replicate many B2B companies’ complex business rules, resulting in feature limitations crucial to B2B operations, such as support for both users and customers, native product configuration capabilities, and personalized checkout and shipping.

Does BigCommerce have a product configurator? +

BigCommerce's product configurator is limited. Their workaround uses a "features and options bundler" method that lists each combination of features as a separate item. This approach becomes problematic when companies surpass the 600-item threshold, forcing them to either simplify their customizations, compromise on configuration capabilities, or fragment configurations across multiple pages.

Can BigCommerce handle complex B2B pricing models natively? +

BigCommerce does not natively support highly complex B2B pricing models, such as location-specific pricing or volume-based discounts without significant customization or third-party apps.

Can BigCommerce manage inventory across multiple warehouses natively? +

BigCommerce does not support multi-warehouse inventory management natively. This functionality requires integration with third-party apps or custom solutions.

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