Our Product Roadmap provides a snapshot view of our features/functionality of our solution, what’s in progress, and what’s planned.


Nomad is consistently updating and improving our solution. With our Product Roadmap, customers can see the features/functionality of our solution, what’s in progress and what’s planned.*

*Product or features may be substantially modified before commercial release. This roadmap represents a product view and is not indicative of the final licensing of individual features. Nomad makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided.


Nomad Receivables (AR Portal) - Phase 3

Creating cash/payment entries in the ERP from a payment in Nomad Receivables (Syspro Only)

Buy One, Get One Feature

Move inventory fast and increase sales with customizable discounts & pricing.

Nomad Payments (Phase 1)

We're building a whole new checkout wrapper so you can submit a payment

Bulk Import/Export Tool

Users are able to import product pages catagories & tags via NOPs

Trade Promotion Pricing

We support discount model on group of items; on a certain dollar amount or certain quantity of items in the group.

Category Page Enhancements

We have increased the performance of category pages.

PayPal Integration

We've enhanced our integration with PayPal for payments.

Apple Pay Integration

We finished and corrected integration with Apple Pay for a gateway called Moneris - Canada’s biggest payment processor.

XML Contructs

We now offer item xml and orders xml columns.

Multi-Warehouse Handling

We’ve now standardized multi warehouse display on Nomad Sites with order splitting into the ERP.

Nomad Receivables (AR Portal) - Phase 2 * (In Beta)

Allowing customers to pay open AR invoices with the ability to view open balance by invoices and pay invoices via Credit Card.

Pulling Custom Data from ERP

Enhanced capabilities on pulling custom data from ERP like customers, addresses, items, etc.

Order Email Notifications

Receive notifications via email from ERP such as shipped items, invoices or any credit memos.


Make changes to your site without javascript, CSS or HTML experience.

Order Integration

Increase in performance for order integration.

Connector Intelligence

Connector now has some ability to do analysis to self-fix certain issues.

NOPS End User Import/Export Module (Controlled Release)

Easily upload mass data from a CSV file to Nomad. This includes the following data types: 1. Related Product Pages 2. Redirects 3. Product Pages 4. Category Pages 5. Tag Data

cXML Support

Reduce accounting errors and limit manual duplicate data entry giving easy access to customers for invoices.

New Data Centers

Experience decreased Page loads times as high as 55% with a median of 34%. Uptime is now 99.999 % vs 99% on our old hosting environment.

Recently Viewed Items on pages

Iterates up to 99 recently viewed items; ideal for B2C customers but also applicable to B2B sites as well.

Transactional Connections

Cloud ERP gets full cloud eCommerce & On-Prem ERP gets Hybrid Cloud experience.


Nomad Receivables (AR Portal) - Phase 4

Creating cash/payment entries in the ERP from a payment in Nomad Receivables - Other Supported ERPs

Advanced Search Integrations

Building out integrations to Search Spring, NexTopia and Add Search so cusotmers can quantify, analyze ad undertand users search pattenrs

ACH Payments

Process transactions with direct deposit

Credit Card Tokenization

Reduce compromisation of credit cards and protect sensitive data with CC Tokenization.


Nomad Connector

Improvements to Nomad Connector structure

SMS Notifications

Easily set up accounts from your mobile devices by automating your account setup.

Modern Multi-Product Display

Provide options for different displays for multi item product pages by utilizing tag data.

Modernized Login for Account & Checkout Pages

Updated Account, Cart and Checkout pages in Nomad to create a more efficient experience.