Seamless eCommerce Integration for Acumatica ERP

Integrated eCommerce for Acumatica ERP

Our unified B2B eCommerce platform synchronizes Acumatica ERP data across websites, portals, punchout catalogs, and customer catalogs, streamlining and simplifying your B2B operations and eliminating manual data entry and costly third-party APIs.

Nomad Natively Supports the Complexities of B2B eCommerce

Direct integration between Acumatica and Nomad means better customer experiences at less cost.

Flexible data delivery.

Send ERP data automatically across your B2B eCommerce site, account portals, punchout and customer catalogs, and B2C platforms. Data then flows seamlessly back into Acumatica for continuous synchronization.

Checkout and shipping designed for B2B.

Generate accurate shipping estimates, offer payment options based on your customers' negotiated terms, and customize each step of the checkout process to meet each customer's unique needs, using data pulled directly from Acumatica ERP.

Complex pricing made easy.

Support complex B2B pricing structures effortlessly, using the data that resides in Acumatica. Our scriptable logic ensures streamlined, efficient pricing management, so your customers always see their negotiated prices quickly and accurately.

Simplified account receivables

Make account details accessible online or via email, utlizing the data directly from Acumatica ERP. Your customers can view balances, statements, invoices, and transaction histories, and pay via ACH or credit card. Payments reconcile automatically and in real time.

Full product configuration support.

Our flexible, user-friendly product configuration solutions streamline everything from simple kits and bundles to complex configurations, simplifying product groupings and custom builds while easily managing intricate multi-dependency rules.

Self-service personalized for B2B buyers.

Offer all the unique self-service features B2B buyers want, including direct PO uploads, non-linear search capabilities, custom cataloging, multiple user emails per account, easy reordering from lists and past orders, and customer impersonation capabilities.

Ready to create the flexible B2B eCommerce experience your customers are demanding?

Acumatica ERP Synchronization Enhances B2B eCommerce

Data seamlessly shared between Acumatica ERP and Nomad eCommerce includes:

  • Customer Data, including names, addresses, emails, usernames, credit limits, terms, and pricing.
  • Order Data:, including details and status for orders processed through web and non-web channels.
  • Item Data:, including product pricing, categories, quantities, weights, dimensions, and inventory levels.

Expand the reach of your sales and customer service teams by providing personalized, up-to-date ERP data through your eCommerce site, account portal, punchout catalogs, and customer catalogs. You can even send this data to customers on-demand through email and other channels. The results are a superior customer experience, reduced administrative overhead, and time for your team to focus on other high-value tasks.

Nomad eCommerce integration with Acumatica ERP

Customers benefit from:

Complete inventory visibility, including by warehouse.

Estimations on when out-of-stock items will be available.

Integrated credit limits in the online store.

ACH/eCheck payment options for specific invoices.

Ability to use own shipping account numbers and multiple shippers.

“Nomad has streamlined the process for our customers to order online. So much so that sales have increased about 49% in the first quarter alone. So it was a highly successful launch.”

— Ginny Brajdic, President, Demand Products, Inc.

Demand Products Boosts eCommerce Sales by 60% and Increases Order Size by 40%

Integrating Acumatica ERP and Nomad eCommerce gave Demand Products advanced B2B features, including (but not limited to) enhanced search capabilities and full support for quantity-based shipping discounts while eliminating the manual intervention needed to calculate accurate shipping estimates.

Acumatica B2B eCommerce Successes

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