Nomad and Acumatica: Simplifying B2B eCommerce

Bridging B2B Commerce Complexities with Nomad and Acumatica ERP

Not all B2B Commerce platform solutions were created equal. Many have shifted from their B2C roots, hoping to replicate their success. Sadly, they often fall short since B2B has vastly different requirements in terms of:

  • Intricate and complex pricing structures.
  • Product configurations connected to Acumatica ERP through kits or a BOM.
  • Payments and account receivables management.
  • Highly customized shipping and checkouts.
  • Custom cataloging, guided search, and so much more.

Nomad is different. It’s a complete CMS designed from the ground up to navigate these B2B complexities through a single platform and fully sync with Acumatica ERP. With Nomad, you can run "your business, your way."