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Updated in this release: Storefront Changes:

The X-Frame-Option response security header was being sent twice. We aren’t aware of this causing problems but a security scan on your site could warn about it and it was not intended. Only one instance of this header will be sent now.

Attempting to impersonate a customer with “&” or a small set of other non-alphabetic characters was working only sporadically. It should now always work.

Related Pages - Suggested pages could in some cases suggest the current page as being related, this has been corrected. The suggested pages should now all be other pages related to the current. This process only runs overnight so if you notice pages still exhibiting this after the release they should be cleaned up the morning after.

Header search - In some rare instances the header search could return different results in the search result dropdown than it would return when the search button itself was clicked(the pages were published product pages with no items). These searches should now both show the same results.

Nops Changes:

Technical Support / Help - We are switching to Intercom for online technical support. This is a chat-style system that will be embedded in Nops. If you need help with something in Nops or anywhere else, please click the Intercom icon you will see in the lower right of the screen in Nops and talk to us. The Help & Support link in the right hand menu will now go to our documentation and knowledge base.

Fulfillment - Searching for a double quote character in the order search was causing an error, it no longer will.

Discounts - When setting up a “Spend X Get Y” discount, the item field was not marked as required, which it is. It is now indicated to be required and must be set.

Redirects - A search dialog has been added on the redirects page which should help locating specific redirects when you have many pages of them.

Settings - Google feed - Informational message added regarding feed being disabled if entire site is login only.

Pages - Category paths with multiple slashes (/path/example/subpath/product for example) were resulting in issues navigating to their subcategories and pages in page search results. These subcategory and page links should now go to the correct location.

Items - Tags - If an item had a single tag set and you wanted to replace it with a different tag, the tag had to be saved empty first and then set. This has been fixed so that now the new tag can be directly entered and saved as a replacement.