Nomad Release

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Here are some updates and fixes included in this release:

NOPS Features:

Discounts are now accounted for in the Nops homepage dashboard sidebar area

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Informational text hovers have been added next to the date fields in discount configuration areas to help avoid confusion about when exactly start and end dates apply

enter image description here

Text Resources - We’ve added a section that will allow you to change many text areas and labels on the storefront without complex design work. This module will be available at the top of the Design menu in Nops above the Asset Manager link.


Storefront Features:

Auto-suggest has been added to all storefront product search fields, previously this was only active on the header product search field.

Discounts that result in an item being added to the cart were resulting in a unhanded error if that item no longer existed. Instead a message will be now be displayed saying the discount is invalid.

The search algorithm changes introduced in version have been temporarily reverted due to unintended consequences to search result quality and sorting. The search keywords field added to product pages at the same time will still remain and function appropriately. We will revisit this in a future release.