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Previously, a large number of Options within configurable products would cause the page to become slow and in some cases unresponsive. Performance of the Configuration tab on items has now been improved to be less sluggish.

Previously, Excel files (.xls, .xlsx) were prohibited from being uploaded as Documents. This has been corrected.

When adding related pages to a page, the page path is now also searched to allow pages with the same name to be more easily searched for individually.

Previously, a repeated search for the same terms in Item search would cause 0 results to be returned on the second search. This has been fixed so that the second search will now return the same results as the first.

When creating new users in NOPS you can now choose to send the user an email notification.

A check box has been added to the NOPS user edit page that can be used to force the user to change their password the next time they log in.

A field has been added to the descriptions tab of product pages which can be used to enter keywords that you would like to be used in storefront search for that page but not displayed in the page content.

A setting has been added to site settings to allow you to control whether or not the "Billing same as shipping" check box is checked by default in the addresses section of checkout.


Previously, if a customer had a session timeout during checkout, a situation could occur where the customer would not have the correct terms available when they resumed checkout. The condition that allowed this situation to occur has been removed.

Storefront search algorithm has been changed to increase search result relevance while also increasing speed.

A button has been added to the upper right on previous orders so that when viewing a previous order on the storefront, the customer can easily add all of the items from that previous order to a new cart for easy re-order.

Previously, selecting the top result from the header search would result in a search for "Search by search term" instead of the appropriate search for "search term". This has been fixed.

Previously, CAPTCHA could be circumvented by editing the page before posting. This is no longer allowed.

The ability to use the newer style "No CAPTCHA" version of reCAPTCHA on forms has been added. Learn more about this on the Google Security Blog.

Previously, in checkout, if you changed shipping methods after already entering credit card information, the credit card fields would be cleared out. They will now retain their values after the shipping change has been made.

Shopping Lists containing more than 1 item will now have multi-select check boxes to allow adding multiple items to the cart at once.

The Shopping List print view has been reworked to display an improved print layout.

Shopping Lists will now show a price total if all items in the list have price display allowed.