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What's covered in Standard Nomad Support

Sniperdyne support is covered by your subscription to Nomad erpCommerce. Our Terms of Service spells out what is considered in and out of scope support for the subscription. Here are the general guidelines for standard support boundaries:

Each subscription is allowed three (3) in bounds support incidents per month. Additional support incidents and/or out of bounds support is billable at the current design or consulting/implementation hourly rate.

In scope support:

  • "How to" questions about Nomad or NOPS (Nomad Operations)
  • General questions about eCommerce, online marketing, and general topics.
  • ¬†Incident reporting where issue is determined to not be an Nomad software bug and not requiring a Sniperdyne developer to review.

What is an Nomad software bug?

Sniperdyne considers a software bug to be an error or incorrect operation resulting from a glitch in the Nomad erpCommerce software code. This may present itself as a hard error (with error message) or incorrect rendering of Nomad software feature.

When a software bug is discovered, our Account and Development teams review the issue and determine the nature of the repair.

Normal priority bugs not impacting a production Storefront's ability to place orders will be repaired and deployed within 1-2 software releases (if possible.)

High priority bugs impacting a production Storefront's ability to place orders will be repaired in a "hot fix" as quickly as possible.

*What is NOT an Nomad software bug?*

  • Any error caused by third party or ERP data/operations, even if it is causing an undesired impact on Nomad use.
  • Any errors to Storefront design code and scripting not part of Nomad core software.
  • Outages of third party integration, such as payment gateways and shipping carrier live rate quoting.
  • Errors displayed in non-mainstream or outdated Internet Browsers.

Out of scope support:

  • Unless subscribed to design maintenance package, ALL design change requests are out of scope and billable.
  • Connector modifications to implement new features available in Nomad or your ERP
  • Troubleshooting or resolution of issues arising out of modification of your ERP logic, schema or version
  • Troubleshooting or resolution of issues external to Nomad, including but not limited to your network, firewall, hardware, third party software, or data
  • Bulk data Import/Export requests.
  • Any issue discovered to be out side of Sniperdyne control, including research time, even if issue not resolved.
  • Any consulting on ERP use or data corrections.
  • Any work on prior customizations to the software.
  • Troubleshooting or resolution of issues arising out of Nomad configuration or ERP integration modifications not made by Sniperdyne
  • Troubleshooting or resolution of issues arising out of misuse, neglect or abuse of Nomad

Additionally, please note that Sniperdyne does not offer direct ERP or network support services. If an ERP or network issue is identified that is impeding the e-commerce storefront or causing undesirable performance or functionality limitations, Sniperdyne will recommend you raise the issue with your ERP or network support provider. Sniperdyne involvement for resolving ERP or network issues is considered an out-of-scope service.

Sniperdyne reserves the right to charge for out-of-scope support requests, including phone and email time, third party vendor coordination time, and new scope preparation time, at Sniperdyne's then-current hourly consulting rates.