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When Making the switch form Assimilate to Nomad there are a few items that will change in the way you process information to your ERP. While these are not detrimental changes, they can catch converts by surprise. We will list some of the changes you can expect when you upgrade your services to the Nomad ERPCommerce Platform.

Customer Creation

In Assimilate customers were required to enter in the following information - First Name, Last Name , Email Address, Password, Billing Address, Shipping Address, and Phone Number. This practise is considered outdated by internet standards and reduces site order conversions as Customers found it both inconvenient and time consuming.

In Nomad we have reduced Customer Creation to the following fields - First Name , Last Name, Email Address, Password, Company Name (optional), and Authcode (for existing Customers). This allows faster access to the storefront and adds to the customers shopping experience.

However, this will also change the way in which customers created on the web are added into Macola. Once a customer has registers, Macola will only receive the information gathered during registration. The Billing Address, Shipping Address and Phone Number are not collected until the customer places their first order. Once this has occurred all address information will be added to the customer card in Macola.

Credit Card Processing.

Assimilate included in its core the ability to charge credit cards directly through the attached gateway.

Nomad was fundamentally designed with the ability to be integrated with Multiple ERPS. ( SysPro, Exact, Great Plains, Epicor, etc). Asimilate did not possess this capability, it was designed strictly for use with Macola. It was not possible to add in a Credit card processing function within Nomad as a majority of the ERPs we integrate with have their own portals for processing credit cards, Macola is the only integrate ERP that does not offer a web application in their software. for this reason it was not possible to write a function that would work with all integrated ERPS.

With this in mind, you choices for processing credit cards via Macola , are to process Manually, meaning you will need to go out to the Gateway terminal and manually apply the funds within Macola, Or you may choose to utilize one of our Two Processing Providers ,

  1. Harvest Ventures
  2. Attivo

Both have created programs that will allow you to process credit cards within Macola at the touch of a button. Please Speak with your Sales Representative for more information.

No Longer Use Database Triggers.

While Asimilate used replication and database triggers to maintain data consistency Nomad uses SQL Change Tracking which is much more efficient and less prone to errors.

Access to you Marketing Data.

With the architecture of Nomad the way it is, you have direct access to your marketing data on your database server.

FTP Access

Assimilate 3x and 2x offered FTP access to the web server this was due to the lack of a design manager and was the only access customers had to alter their design and upload images.

FTP access is not available in Nomad, instead you have access to your design and file manager via NOPS (Nomad Operations) and is located at