Customer-Level Impersonation


This premium feature allows an individual user to switch between customer accounts to perform actions on behalf of that customer


  • Improves transaction efficiency.
  • Simplifies account management.
  • Allows users to make cross-organization changes via orders, payments, and more.
  • Reduces friction for transition towards online ordering.
  • Use Cases

  • Placing orders on behalf of customers that call in/require assistance.
  • Acting as an intermediate step between customers who would like to have an overview of information without granting users access to sensitive information.
  • Allows external sales representatives place orders of behalf of all their accounts.
  • Allows a user to quickly transact with 2 separate accounts.
  • Requirements

  • Email for the account that the feature is being added to.
  • Contact for the accounts that the individual user will be impersonating.
  • Customer account must be registered prior.

  • Previews

    Admin overview of accounts that can be impersonated by user.

    Inviting another user to access your account.

    Adding new users to impersonate.

    Changing between impersonation accounts.