Setting up DNS Records

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The last step in taking your new Nomad eCommerce site live is setting up the DNS records. The DNS system acts as a "phone book" for the internet by translating the domain name typed into the browser to the IP address your site is hosted on.

Having reliable DNS service is critical as your site will not be reachable when its DNS records cannot be looked up correctly. For this reason, Sniperdyne recommends the use of a specialized DNS hosting provider. Usually your domain registrar will be able to offer DNS hosting, either included with your domain registration at no additional cost, or as a premium service with more features and/or higher service-level agreement.

You are not bound to using your domain registrar for DNS and have the option to use a third party DNS provider's service, for which both free and paid options are available. While Sniperdyne does not endorse or recommend particular providers, examples of some well-regarded DNS providers are Hurricane Electric, Cloudflare, EasyDNS, NameCheap, and DYN.