Obtaining UPS Oauth API Credentials

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1.  Register / Login to your UPS account. If you do not have a shipper account, please contact your UPS local sales team.

2. Go to the UPS Developer site, making sure you are logged to your UPS account in step 1.

3. Click "Add Apps"

4. From the dropdown labeled "I need API credentials because", select "I want to integrate UPS technology into my business". From the second menu, select the UPS account to use. If you do not have an account, see Step 1.

5. Continue, and fill out the form on the next step with your contact information, then proceed to the next step.

6. For the App Name, enter "Nomad" or whatever you want that will make you remember what these credentials are for. For the callback URL, leave the field blank.

Required UPS OAuth API credentials

Credentials Environment Description
Client Id Sandbox / Production UPS Oauth API Access Key
Client Secret Sandbox / Production UPS Oauth API Access Password
Shipper Number Sandbox / Production Your UPS account number