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Nomad has extensive promo code and discount capability. Here are the supported rules around promo codes:

Order Level Discounts

  • Free shipping on whole order (Cheapest shipping method becomes free)
  • Percentage off of entire order
  • Flat amount off of entire order
  • Minimum/Maximum purchase amounts

Item Level Discounts

  • Percentage off of specific items or categories
  • Flat amount off of specific items or categories
  • Minimum/Maximum purchase amounts on selected items

Both discount types share the following OPTIONS

  • Per-customer promo code usage limits(adding a usage limit will prevent the promo code from being used by Guest Customers)
  • Specific customer eligibility
  • Specific price level eligibility
  • Start/end dates
  • Code entered in checkout or automatic discount
  • Validation message can be displayed when promo code is entered but discount conditions are not met

Nomad integrates promo codes into Macola via a percentage off on the order. This is done for tax compliance purposes.