Product Features

ERP Integration

The Nomad expertise lies in fully synchronizing and combining your eCommerce data with your ERP. This integration occurs in three major categories of information: your customer data, order data and item data. These categories of data are seamlessly shared between your ERP and your eCommerce site, so that they need only be entered once in either system to be reflected in the other.

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  • Customer data includes: customer names, addresses, emails, usernames, credit limits, credit terms and pricing
  • Order data includes: order details and status for orders processed both through the web and non-web
  • Item data includes: product pricing, categories, quantities, weights, dimensions and inventory levels
  • ERP Integrated Credit Card Processing with Century Business Solutions

Customer Service

Your eCommerce website should function as a customer service arm of your organization, providing the same valuable, up-to-date information that your customer service representatives would provide.

With Nomad eCommerce, your customers no longer have to contact you for updates regarding item availability, pricing, order status, shipping status or payment information, as this information, and more, is available electronically through Nomad. More accurate, timely information means a better experience for your customer and less administration for you.

  • Activity and Notifications feed order data to your customers automatically
  • Invoices created in ERP sends data into eCommerce site and allows customer to view, print and always know the status of an order
  • Customer Impersonation allows you to become your users effortlessly
  • Integration with Olark Live Chat
  • Search customers, order numbers and order info with easy document search
  • Shopping lists allow for easy re-order of recently purchased items
  • Recommended related and “also bought” products for cross-sell promotion and increased product awareness


Pricing within the manufacturing and distribution world can become quite complex, and Nomad was built to control it all with ease. From individualized discounts, to pricing increases, to special offers -- all price codes, and even quantity discounts, are automatically synced with your ERP for consistent pricing without the need for manual entry.

  • Your customers view only their custom pricing on your storefront; automatically providing each customer a personalized view of their own custom pricing
  • Supports all ERP customer pricing including discounts and quantity breaks
  • Ability to create custom coupon and promotional codes and discounts by quantity, item, customer spend amount; supports dollar amount off, percentage off, free shipping and more
  • Pricing changes in ERP are updated automatically on eCommerce site
  • Easily view a breakdown of your customers by type, pricing and quantity breaks

Order Processing

Nomad is not only built for the consumer but is also built for the distributor and the manufacturer. With simple settings, you can easily convert a site from login only to guest checkout. Maybe you want your products viewable to the public but only allow purchasing to your authorized customers. All of these options are configured with just simple settings. Allow customers the option to pay by credit card, PayPal or per their individualized billing terms.

  • Convert site from login only to guest checkout
  • Multiple credit card payment gateways and PayPal
  • Option to pay now or bill based on customer Billing Terms
  • Option to provide email notification of orders
  • Supports ability to add items to a shopping cart without leaving the current page

Analytics and Reports

Through the use of APIs, and the effective sync of information between your ERP and your eCommerce website, Nomad also has the ability to generate highly detailed and effective reports, providing insight into your customers’ behaviors, peak purchase times, sales performance of items, effectiveness of promotions and more.

  • Nomad’s Dashboard provides a quick glance of site activity including sales by day, week, month, average order
  • Perform easy order lookup
  • Data is stored on a client server in SQL, providing you with direct access to your site’s data


Create your storefront with Nomad’s templates or your own customized design. With a framework built on Bootstrap, Nomad allows for full design capability by providing total access to the design files for your modification and customization. Whether you have professional designers in house or make occasional design modifications to the template, Nomad allows the freedom to achieve the look and feel you desire for your storefront.

  • Fully editable Bootstrap template
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • All images resized 7 times for the perfect fit within different areas of the storefront and to provide faster page load times
  • Image zoom capability
  • Images uploaded to Amazon’s Cloud (CDN) for caching speed


Website metrics and conversion rates depend upon broad exposure and a positive user experience. Nomad is designed to attract customers with built-in SEO features, keep customers on your website longer by providing useful, valuable information, and encourage repeat visits any time of day or night for a strong, reliable and consistent website experience.

  • Rewritable URLs, multiple content and meta information fields allow for keyword control and SEO optimization
  • Products automatically uploaded to Google Shopping’s product category feed
  • Products, fields, descriptions, images can be easily added without the need for a web designer
  • Global Javascript allows you to easily gather custom 3rd Party derived behavior metrics
  • Simple integration with Google Analytics using account number

SaaS, Hybrid Cloud Platform

Nomad is a software as a service (SaaS) and hybrid cloud solution. The hybrid cloud model allows for efficient integration with your company’s on-premise ERP and marketing data, as Nomad easily syncs this data with the cloud-based Nomad eCommerce platform.

  • On-premise data is easy to query and utilize for report building
  • The Nomad eCommerce storefront is automatically updated with new features and maintained in the cloud. New releases come out every 3-4 weeks and our clients don't need to update their on-premise solution. You are always running the latest version of the software.
  • Subscription model affordable for SMBs

3rd Party Integrations

Sniperdyne maintains several key partnerships that allow the Nomad eCommerce solution to integrate with a number of third-party solutions for a comprehensive eCommerce experience, including:

3rd party integration
  • Avalara and TaxJar for automated tax compliance
  • Olark Live Chat for enhanced customer service and live chat within your eCommerce storefront
  • CAPTCHA for enhanced security and anti-spam protection
  • Google Analytics for deeper insight into marketing data and website visitor behavior
  • Google Shopping for enhanced exposure of your products
  • USPS, UPS and Fed Ex for live shipping rates
  • Authorize.Net, USAePay, Cybersource, Paypal for payment gateway solutions
  • Catsy and Salsify for PIM solutions