Enhance your customers' online buying journey by delivering and integrated eCommerce platform with Nomad Sites

Nomad Sites

Enhance your customers' online buying journey by delivering and integrated eCommerce platform.


Accurate information on your website goes a long way in keeping loyal customers. They rely on you to present them with the information they need to make commitments internally to their organizations.


Make it convenient for your customers to do business with you. Their “ease of use” experience, from product visibility, pricing, and the check-out process, will shape their view of doing business with you and ensure repeat business.


Buyers want an experience that is tailored to them. Personalize their eCommerce experience by giving them specific payment terms and options, their delivery terms, suggestions and recommendations on products appropriate for them.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

With the pace of digital acceleration and the changing demographics of your business buyers, B2B buying has migrated to an online self service model. Your site needs to build confidence that customers can put their trust into. The more you deliver on what is projected, the stronger their commitment to you will be.

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Extend Your ERP

Critical data such as, pricing, items, customers and orders are some of the key elements that are stored and maintained in one consistent place; your ERP. Nomad’s expertise lies in fully synchronizing and combining eCommerce data with your ERP, to enhance and personalize your customers' experience.

ERP Integrations

3rd Party Expertise

Nomad maintains strategic partnerships with technology companies that allow our eCommerce platform to present key data your customers need to make buying decisions. We integrate with value-added solutions like sales tax providers, shipping, credit card gateways, etc., to enhance your customers' buying experience.

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Key Features

Content Management System

Nomad Operations (NOPS), our Content Management System within Nomad Sites, makes it easy to run and manage the site. Your internal team can easily address tasks such as product image uploads, managing the eCommerce storefront, customer discount modifications, product description updates, etc. No web development or experience is required.

Custom Designed

All Nomad Sites start with your brand in mind. Our internal design team will create a site to incorporate what you want to project to the market. Nomad allows the freedom to achieve the look and feel you desire for your storefront.

Cloud Platform

All Nomad Sites are hosted in our data center to assure the maximum uptime so your business is always online. Even if you ERP is not accessible, your storefront will continue to process orders.

Complex Pricing Supported

Companies can have very complex pricing and discount structures. Pricing could change based on inventory data or activity. Sellers might want discounts applied according to specific customers or order value/volume. You might have tiered prices, new products, and pre-negotiated prices to deal with also. Nomad can handle your most complex pricing structure.

Inventory Visibility

Keeping accurate inventory information on your site is easy with our deep ERP integration. Customers can stay updated on stock levels and can place their orders with confidence. You also have options on how inventory availability is displayed on your site.

Order Processing

Customers will feel confident that their orders will be processed with their pricing. We also provide the ability for your sales team to place orders on their customers behalf or to start a shopping cart and email a link to the customer for final processing.