Simplify the process for your B2B customers to submit payments

Seamless Payment Options with Nomad Payments

Simplify the process for your B2B customers to submit payments

Customers love options

Not only when they are buying but also when it’s time to address their invoices as well. With Nomad Payments, you now have a way to offer your B2B customers those options. Whether they are in Nomad Sites making a purchase or managing their account activity in Nomad Receivables, our Payments functionality allows your customers to pay their invoices conveniently. ACH, eCheck or Credit Card; whichever option meets your customers expectations at the moment. All are available to them which means you get paid quicker, lowering DSO and accelerating your cash flow. Once payments are processed, Nomad will post the transaction to the appropriate invoice(s) within your ERP as well.

Nomad eCommerce gives you the ability to have a fully automated Order to Cash process for all web customers and orders.

Benefits Of Working With Nomad Payments

Customer Convenience

Making life as easy as possible for customers--especially when it comes to paying invoices--is one of the biggest benefits of Nomad Payments. Customers can easily make a digital payment from anywhere and at any time. By integrating single-click “pay now” buttons, businesses remove excuses for payment delays.

Tracking Ease

Since payments are reflected in both Nomad eCommerce and your ERP, it’s easy for you and your customers to track invoice and payment status.

Reduced Collection Nightmares

Providing customers multiple payment options means a smoother collections process. This leads to better cash flow and more resources available for expansion and growth.