Obtaining UPS API Credentials

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1.  Register / Login to UPS account. Connect your  existing shipper account under  My UPS > Account Summery. If you do not have a shipper account, please contact UPS local sales team.

2. Click "Request an access key" UPS Developer Kit site, make sure you login to your UPS account.

3. Verify or update your contact information, then click Request Access Key

4. Copy your Access Key from the confirmation screen that displays. The key will also be sent to your UPS account email. You can use the same Production credentials for the Test (Sandbox) environment. 

Required UPS API credentials

Credentials Environment Description
access_key Sandbox / Production UPS API Developer Kit Access Key
user_identifier Sandbox / Production User ID to login your My UPS account
password Sandbox / Production Password to login your My UPS account
account_number Sandbox / Production Your shipper account number