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Previously, when saving a system page in NOPS, an incorrect error displayed stating that there was a duplicate path. This has been corrected.

In NOPS, the “Configurable item options” page’s item search feature now allows searching by item part number. (See screenshot below.)

enter image description here

Previously, on the Pages index in NOPS, a page with a very long name would overlap other text on the page. The long name will now be truncated with "..."

Previously, when uploading an image with a file name longer than 64 characters, an unfriendly 406 error code was displayed. The 406 error has been replaced with an error explaining that the file name is too long.

Previously, for clients with multiple sites in NOPS, switching sites while on a customer message page would result in an error. Now, instead of receiving an error, you will be redirected to the Customers index page.

The NOPS login timeout has been reworked so that even when the timeout is exceeded, it will no longer kick you out while you’re in the middle of working on something.


Previously, if a Google Verification Code from site settings ended with a space, it was not being shown on the storefront. This has been corrected.

The setting "Require login to view the site" has been renamed to "Require login to view category and product pages" to more accurately describe the settings function.