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Pages - Previously, a page could be set as a Related Page to itself. This is no longer allowed as it provided no discernible benefit and resulted in bad data.

Pages - Previously, if entered data caused an error while not on the main tab of the page, the error alert did not provide detail regarding the problem. This has been fixed and will now display a friendlier, more detailed error message.

Pages - Previously, parent page ordinals couldn't be updated once the page was initially created. This has been corrected.

Pages - Previously, content entered in the "Content" section was not being displayed for most pages in the "Account," "Checkout" and "Cart" System Pages. The content will now be displayed.

Asset Manager - Previously, file paths weren't copy-able for copy/pasting on asset types that didn't have an "Edit" button. They are now able to be copied.

Order List - Previously, long customer/contact names overlapped on the order list. This has been fixed so that customer/contact names will now be truncated with (...) when long enough to cause an overlap.

Enable HTTPS on the entire site - A new setting has been added to NOPS that overrides the page level security settings and will set all your pages to use HTTPs when enabled. This setting is available at Setup -> Site Settings -> "Enable HTTPS on the entire site" in NOPS


Checkout - Previously, payments sent to Authorize.Net failed when an item unit price had 6+ decimals. This has been corrected.

Currency symbols can now be adjusted site-wide with a new setting. This setting can be found in NOPS under Setup -> Site Settings and will change the currency symbol everywhere a price is displayed including within emails sent from the site.