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Google Feed - HTTPs URLs were being excluded instead of login-only URLs

Products in NOPS with the setting “Use a secure url ( https )” checked were not being included in the Google feed.

Discounts - Amount off item discounts now apply against the full quantity instead of single item

When ordering a discounted item in multiple quantities, Nomad previously only applied the discount to the first instance of the item. This issue has been resolved so that the discount will now apply to the full quantity of that item. For example, if an item is discounted at 20% off, and a customer orders 10 of that item, each of the 10 will receive the 20% off discount.

Storefront - Document search has been added to the customer documents page at /account/docs

Customers now have the ability to search documents located in the accounts/docs menu. As a customer’s document list can often become long and extensive, this highly-requested search option allows the customer to enter a search term in the “search” box, and the search will return all results containing that particular term. This eliminates the need to manually click into and read each document to find the desired information.

This feature is very useful for quickly accessing a particular order or set of orders, as almost any information within a document is searchable. A customer can do a search for an order number, an address, a name, part number, etc.

For example, if a customer is in search of an order that they know contained part number “x123”, instead of scrolling through the entire list of documents, the customer can simply enter the search term “x123” in the search box, and the search will return all orders containing that part number.

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Discounts - If multiple discounts were triggered the cart notifications could be displayed multiple times

When ordering multiple items with different discounts, the Nomad cart previously displayed information multiple times. This issue has been resolved so that the cart will display properly and reflects each discount.

Discounts - Spend X get Y discounts now obey item availability settings

Often times, our clients extend a “spend ‘X’ get ‘Y’” offer to their customers, wherein if the customer spends a particular amount, they will receive an extra item. In this case, Nomad would previously add that extra item to the cart if the spend threshold was reached -- regardless of the extra item’s availability.

Nomad will now display an error message if the ‘Y’ item is not available, and will not add this item to the cart if it is out of stock.

For example, if the offer states: “If you spend $100, you’ll receive item #123!” and the customer spends $100, but item #123 is not in stock and not set to be purchasable out of stock, Nomad will display an error message and will not add item #123 to the customer’s cart.

NOPS - Cache has been altered to speed up performance

Nomad’s cache has been altered to notably speed up performance.