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Nops - Products - Related product configuration added - Settings > Related Product Sets

Nops - Products - Parent page view links would 404 on unsaved pages

Nops - Pages - Removing a parent page and adding a new one wasn't enabling save button

Nops - Pages - Warning message displayed when a page has no parent page

Nops - Pages - Category count was wrong when categories had more than one parent

Nops - Pages - Content pages appeared as categories instead of pages on their parent in the list

Nops - Site Settings - Blank site title cause storefront page titles to have a dash preface

Storefront - Items set as "Sign in to buy" were erroring when added to the cart using selection checkboxes when not logged in

Storefront - Disabling Allow Online Purchase did not apply to items already in the cart

Storefront - Multiproduct Pages - Out of stock items had a select checkbox when purchase was not allowed

Storefront - Customers with an email address already set to receive order emails in Nops received an error in checkout on Order Confirmation

ePay USA - Send cardholder name to gateway instead of customer name