Nomad Release

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  • Captcha didn't work correctly when javascript was disabled
  • Vouchers could be bought from some areas without entering details
  • FedEx Freight ignored minimum weight setting
  • Unable to save addresses that returned a null Avalara address verification response
  • FedEx weight was sometimes being rounded incorrectly
  • Cached assets were not updated when the asset was replaced with an asset of the same filename.
  • Ampersands were not being replaced in some document urls
  • Documents with a space in the filename were 404ing


  • USPS min/max weight settings, negotiated rates
  • UPS insurance option
  • FedEx configuration options(min/max weight, drop-off type, insurance, adjustments)
  • Some additional standardization of shipping settings
  • Setting to require phone number in checkout(no format validation performed)
  • API - Bulk price call performance improvements