Nomad Release

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Vouchers & Voucher Redemption

We tackled the hardest part of the "gift certificate" functionality, which was the redemption as a partial payment method. At the same time, we also added functionality to apply store credit, which is deducted automatically at checkout.

Search Suggestion Revamp

Search suggestions were giving us a lot of trouble, mainly due to the "buy" buttons that were displaying. There was too much going on, and often the suggestions would timeout waiting for a response. We implemented full-text indexing, and really tweaked the query, so that the suggestions are much more accurate, and they also don't rely on a specific phrase. Previously, to find "black stove pipe" you had to search for "black stove" or "stove pipe", but if you searched "black pipe" you'd get no results. We'll probably tweak the main search results to use similar functionality in an upcoming release.


There is now a mega-menu in Nops to search products/pages from any page, and links directly to various setting tabs We added "Glimpse" to the storefront and Nops, giving us more debug capability in produciton Caching has been properly fixed for logged-in/logged-out users on all sites, and enhancements made to make sure items are cached longer All 3rd party components in the software have been updated to their latest versions A Variation API was created to aid in scripting image uploads