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Payment, Shipping & Tax Configuration

NOPS now has an admin-only section to configure our (configurable) component details. Some polish was glazed over in exchange for a speedy release of the functionality.

NOPS Asset Manager Enhancements

The asset manager now supports browser history, so back & forward work as expected when working with panes loaded with AJAX. We also added better "doubleclick" edit on editable files, and polished up the underlying code, so it is an order of magnitude faster.

JQuery and Script Updates

JQuery on both Storefront and NOPS has been updated to 1.8.3. We tried to update to 1.11, but there were quite a few issues with our associated libraries, as well as browser compatibility issues, so I stuck with the most recent working branch.

Checkout Updates

Checkout Shipping was updated to rid of AJAX refresh, since it was causing continuity issues with the other areas of the page that were not updated, namely payment options that were available after shipping put you over your credit limit. We also shored up some minor aesthetic issues with validation at the same time.

Product List and Product Variation Filtering

Products on categories and product variations on products are now both filterable, and the filtering properly reflects the "end result" count from choosing an option.