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Storefront Text Editor - most every button, label, header, and link on the storefront can be changed now through a hidden page in NOPS.

Ship Date in Checkout - one can now enable and a ship date to be selected in checkout

Product Search Relevancy - search results are now ranked on the exactness of match on a particular field. This allows exact matches on, say, part number to outweigh partial matches on short description or even product name every time. The product search is now much more accurate than before.

XML Order Documents - Orders created on Nomad are now saved as XML. The client has been modified to transfer Orders, Invoces and Updates as XML, and we transform them all using XSLT. Related documents display in a threaded view (like GMail). It opens the door to all sorts of interesting solutions for communications between the store owner and the customer.


Short Descriptions - now preserve white space, so breaks will persist when displaying on the storefront

Tag CSS Classes - primary and secondary tags have new CSS classes for more precise styling.

Asset Manager - now accepts any file type.