Nomad Release

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Features/Enhancements/Issues resolved

NOPS - you can now filter products by visible/invisible on the site ( whether they are attached to a page or not NOPS - redirects now display the created and updated date NOPS - Time zones are adjusted to the site's time by default NOPS - "Save & Return" buttons have been added to the edit pages NOPS - Max image size was bumped up to 4 MB and max file size was bumped up to 50 MB NOPS - Image background can now be set to "transparent", and transparency will be maintained if the image (a) has a transparent background and (b) is set to an output type of "gif" or "png" NOPS - Ability to associate products from the product page itself has been added

SF - "In Stock" messaging has been added, with the ability to show the quantity available for a product SF - Images queries have been optimized so that product details pages return much faster