Nomad Release

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Notable features/enhancements:

  • Tag Set and Tag editing functionality in NOPS
  • Filtering Pages in NOPS by published/unpublished
  • Customer "Taxable" flag added
  • Authorization Codes can now be used to attach Contacts as well as Customers
  • Sorting options for product search results
  • Pages, Products, Redirects & Tags all preserve the page number, search, and filter on return to the index page

Notable bug fixes:

  • Image transparency is now preserved, if specified, when using transparent images
  • Redirects can now be deleted properly
  • Delete buttons have been labeled to be more apparent (ex: "Delete Page" instead of "Delete")
  • Unit of Measure shows properly on the list item for multi-variant products
  • Proper error handling when adding a new user in NOPS
  • Order confirmation email now shows the discount properly