Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integrated eCommerce

At Nomad, our services apply to the entire Suite of Microsoft Dynamics; from 365 Business Central to Finance & Operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a software solution and financial accounting system for small and midsized organizations. Nomad eCommerce integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Making your eCommerce site and Dynamics system work together can be a frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming process – but not with Nomad eCommerce.

Crafted by leading eCommerce experts using the latest Microsoft technologies, Nomad eCommerce is optimized for use as an enterprise-level eCommerce solution with an integration setup specific to Dynamics 365.

Our integration provides highly customizable field mappings and handles custom complex business logic while maintaining a fast and reliable connection with Microsoft Dynamics 365. We are a Content & Catalog Managment system; which means we can help organize your online catalog to make things easier for your customers. With Nomad eCommerce, your system will sync orders, customers, addresses, inventory, pricing, and more using Microsoft Dynamics’ Web Services API.

Nomad gives you a mobile-ready eCommerce storefront capable of business-to-business (trusted partners) or business-to-consumer transactions.

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Information shared seamlessly between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Nomad eCommerce platform includes:

  • Customer data, including names, addresses, emails, usernames, credit limits, credit terms, and pricing
  • Order data, including order details and statuses (for both online and offline orders)
  • Item data, including product pricing, categories, quantities, weights, dimensions, and inventory levels

Automated data sharing allows your eCommerce website to function as a customer service arm of your organization, providing the same valuable, up-to-date information as your customer service representatives – and accurate, timely information at your customers’ fingertips means a better experience for them and less administration for you.

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Key Benefits of eCommerce Designed for ERP integration:

  • Complex pricing made easy: Nomad supports all ERP customer pricing, including discounts and quantity breaks, and customers only see a personalized view of their custom pricing.
  • In the cloud, connected to your office: Nomad’s powerful syncing function means the hybrid-cloud model integrates with your company’s on-premise ERP and marketing data.
  • Maintained by you, not a web developer: Easily brand your website, add and update content, optimize for SEO, create custom discounts and coupon codes, and more – with no formal web design experience.
  • See what’s working and what to do more of: Nomad’s dashboard provides insight into customer behavior, peak purchase times, item sales performance, promotion effectiveness, and more.