Dynamics Partnership Incentive

Your Microsoft Dynamics houses all the back end information you need to run your business smoothly. Nomad takes all that valuable information and creates a powerful eCommerce website that translates those back end operations into front end sales, seamlessly.

What Is Nomad eCommerce

Nomad eCommerce is our cloud eCommerce and Web Content Management System (CMS). We designed & built Nomad to address the complexities of the way Distributors and Manufacturers conduct operations. Nomad provides businesses automated Customer Service {online} - including synchronization with your Microsoft Dynamics: inventory, complex customer pricing, order statuses, order creation, payments, shipping estimates and many more capabilities for small / mid-sized companies.

Nomad eCommerce is a Certified Microsoft Dynamics Solution - featured on both Microsoft AppSource as well as AzureMarketPlace.

Incentive And Guarantee

We’re offering a complimentary implementation of Nomad eCommerce for you to offer one of your clients. We’ll also extend a 6 month money-back guarantee on subscriptions paid during implementation.

Dynamics Partner Program Includes:

  • Standard Set-Up & Configuration
  • Standard Nomad Connector for Dynamics
  • Training and Knowledge Base Access
  • Custom Design
  • Supported Shipping Estimation Configuration
  • Supported Sales Tax Estimation
  • Supported Payment Gateway Integration

Why Are We Doing This?

Since 2001, Nomad has delivered hundreds of successful eCommerce connections to various ERP platforms - Customer Success Stories & Featured Work. We’re relatively new to Microsoft Dynamics, but feel this Partner Promotion will help us become more recognizable and established in the Microsoft Community.

Our current ERP partners have a high confidence level in our connector and Team. We recently co-hosted a webcast, with one of our Dynamics Customers who have been live on Nomad eCommerce for the last year and a half.

We are also doing this, so there's no risk for your client, as well as building a high confidence level with our partners.

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