How to Maximize Your Results for NAVUG Summit

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How to Maximize Your Results for NAVUG Summit

Attending a large conference like NAVUG Summit can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Here are a few tips and tricks we recommend to make your experience smooth, fun, and valuable.

Set specific goals

Before you leave for the event, write down 5-10 things you hope to achieve while you’re there. These can be what you’d like to get out of the sessions you’re attending, who you’d like to meet, which vendors you’d like to speak with, etc. (Remember, Sniperdyne is in Booth 437!)

Build your agenda

NAVUG Summit makes this part easy. After you register on their website, log in and go to the agenda section. Star the sessions you’d like to attend and the site will build a custom agenda for you. Sunday and Monday morning/afternoon are reserved for the Pre-Conference Academy, which is an additional cost; the full conference kicks off Monday evening, October 15 with new attendee and welcome receptions.

Which leads us to … while you’re there:


Once registered, you become part of the NAVUG Summit online community. You can connect with other attendees and ask questions of event staff and your peers. Once you’re at the conference, don’t be shy – find folks in your industry and with your same job roles or responsibilities. Trading war stories is often the best way to problem solve and make contacts that might be beneficial later.

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Register for and get to your sessions early

The most popular sessions fill up fast; some even have attendance caps due to conference room space constraints. Check session descriptions to ensure the classes you want aren’t already full. Because of conference facility and fire marshal regulations, these caps can’t be altered, so get there early – no exceptions!

Take notes

The best conference sessions are worthless if you don’t remember what you learned. You’ll be absorbing a lot of information, and it will probably feel overwhelming. Take notes, use your phone’s voice recorder, take photos (make sure it’s ok with the speaker or instructor), do whatever you can to retain what you’re learning so you can use it to help your business. Keeping track of what you learned is also helpful when your manager and team members want a recap of the conference!

Take care of yourself

Even small conferences can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Although you’ll be inside most of the time, Phoenix’s climate is typically hot and dry, even in mid-October, so stay hydrated and take advantage of the snacks, refreshments, coffee breaks, breakfast, and lunch included in your registration fee.

Follow our guide to take home practical, hands-on advice that can improve your personal efficiency and productivity as well as bring value to and help reduce costs in your organization.

The conference is October 15-18 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona. Regular registration is $1399 for NAVUG members and $1799 for non-members and is open now. Come see us in Booth 437!

You can also contact us now to reserve a time to talk.