Communicating More Through Social Media

3 minute read

On June 23rd, I attended an amazing, educational marketing event put on by the Channel Marketing Academy called the BBC (Business Building Conference) event. This virtual event consisted of hundreds of marketing and sales professionals in the Microsoft Dynamics channel.

Even though the event was virtual, BBC provided an opportunity to network and learn from industry veterans that had a wealth of knowledge about marketing & selling solutions in the mid market ERP space.

Amongst the many sessions I attended, a few stuck out as particularly valuable as I look at the 2nd half of 2021 and beyond. “Leverage the Linkedin Algorithm” by Candyce Edelen, President / CEO of Propel Growth, is where I quickly learned that it’s really all about connections on your personal page; not your company page. It’s also key to make sure that everyone in your organization is consistent with the company message and brand. Candyce also recommended that when posting to LinkedIn, we needed a way to “Stop The Scroll” ( a popular phrase used many times throughout the event by multiple presenters). This means, posting things on my personal page that would make my connections pause for a moment and take just a few seconds of their day to read or view my post related to business. There were several tips on how to “Stop the Scroll” that we are eager to start using.

The last session of the event was “50 Marketing Tips in 50 Minutes” by Michelle Glennie & Barbara Pfeiffer, both from The Partner Marketing Group. This fast paced info session was loaded with the goods. I didn’t realize there were so many useful tools out there, free of charge, that could help businesses, like Nomad, succeed with their marketing efforts. I now feel like I’m equipped with the right tools, tips, tricks and professional advice I need in order to be more effective with our efforts.

Overall, the event was a success. I was happy that I got the chance to attend and clean up some of my social media skills and network with some of the best marketing professionals in the Dynamics industry. If I had to pick the one thing that will stick with me moving forward it is this; it’s all about measuring your efforts and staying consistent. This seems to be such a common sense statement, but common sense doesn’t make common practice.

-Written by Jennifer Beasley, Marketing Lead at Nomad eCommerce