Acumatica Summit Revelations: Nomad's Pioneering B2B eCommerce Solutions

How a Nomad Partnership Drives Your Acumatica ERP Customer’s B2B eCommerce Success

A Post-Acumatica Summit Reflection

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Personalize your b2b customers experience

Acumatica Summit 2024 has come and gone, and, whew, to say it surpassed all expectations would be an understatement. The entire event was layered with insightful conversations on both new and existing challenges and deep discussions driven by Nomad's proven B2B eCommerce capabilities, including support for complex customer-specific pricing and shipping terms.

If you missed us at our booth or could not attend our session, “Turn your ERP Platform into an eCommerce Powerhouse,” you missed Ginny Brajdic, President of Demand Products, and Vali Malkin, President/CEO of Acumatica partner, Opus Global Data Solutions share why they partnered with Nomad for Demand Product’s newly revamped eCommerce site. We think the results speak for themselves:

  • 49% increase in web orders
  • 2x average order size.

And all this from an implementation completed in just ¼ the time of previous projects, with additional substantial savings from the implementation.

If someone asked me about Nomad Commerce, I'd describe them as flexible and committed. They're willing to invest the necessary effort to ensure everything is done correctly and have been incredibly accommodating to our needs Ginny Brajdic, President of Demand Products

So as Acumatica Summit fades away, let us (re)introduce ourselves and explain why partnering with Nomad can help your forward-thinking B2B clients quickly realize a strong return on their investment.

Hello, We Are Nomad eCommerce

Nomad is your dedicated partner for B2B eCommerce. More than just a simple web storefront, we offer a comprehensive, unified B2B eCommerce platform that integrates seamlessly with Acumatica ERP. Our expertise is in harnessing the power of your ERP data, providing a robust framework for its extraction, transformation, and distribution anywhere it is needed to meet your customer’s unique business needs— automating processes and enhancing operational efficiency. But we don’t stop there. We also receive data back from all channels, which all seamlessly flow back into your ERP, eradicating data silos and ensuring that the data you need is where it should be.

Why Choose Nomad For Your Customer’s B2B eCommerce Needs

It’s simple. We excel where others have failed. Recognizing that B2B companies require a commerce solution to work as an extension of their unique backend processes, we eliminate the need for manual intervention or 3rd party add-ons. Our team invests the time to understand your customers’ processes. We then utilize our headless front-end and direct integration to the ERP to build a dynamic, interactive commerce website that reflects your operations. The outcome? A customized website that that supports:

  • Complicated, customer-specific B2B pricing models
  • Product configurations integrated with your ERP
  • Accurate shipping estimates and personalized checkouts
  • Streamlined payment processes and simplified account reconciliation
  • Self-service experiences that B2B customers are starting to demand

Why Partner with Nomad eCommerce

At Nomad, we've been serving manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors for decades. We understand their unique needs and have evolved as they have evolved. And we are so excited with the progress we’ve made with Acumatica ERP customers and partners. It’s been less than a year since we’ve launched our Acumatica partner program, and we came to Summit with 10 partners, one live customer, and 8 partner-produced customers. Post-Summit, we’ve launched two additional sites and are collaborating with dozens of B2B companies and partners who’ve realized the power of Nomad’s direct integration with Acumatica ERP.

The value we provide —B2B eCommerce sites designed to support the way that business is done and implementations designed to succeed — is being recognized. We would like to say a big thank you to Opus Global Data Solutions, Cloud 9 ERP, i-Tech Support, Cedar Bay, Ltd and Clifton Larsen Allen for placing your trust in us.

Discovering Nomad was a turning point. Their profound understanding of B2B commerce aligned perfectly with our vision, making our first project to transition a client from a legacy platform to Nomad, alongside their move to Acumatica ERP, seamless. —Vali Malkin, President/CEO of Acumatica partner, Opus Global Data Solutions

Let’s Work Together

Nomad eCommerce has delivered real benefits to our customers and our partners’ customers — more website traffic, higher online sales, an enhanced, automated shopping experience at lower costs— through easy use, comprehensive features, and direct ERP integration.

We can do the same for you! Contact us to explore how we can boost your business growth.