3 Ways Responsive eCommerce Websites Increase Sales

3 Ways that Responsive eCommerce Websites Increase Sales

Nomad now allows for website responsiveness and optimization for mobile view.

Responsiveness means that a site can seamlessly adapt itself to any view or any size, allowing your eCommerce site to be viewed properly from any device — whether on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

So how does responsiveness increase sales? Here are 3 ways.

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1. One Site Fits All

When website browsing on mobile phones first became popular, a common solution to a non-responsive, slow-loading, hard-to-read full-sized website was the creation of a separate mobile website. But the problems with a separate mobile site, or m.site, are many. Aside from the cost, time and resources required to maintain this completely separate site, an m.site is often a very pared-down, bare-bones version of your full site.

Responsive websites have solved this problem by adapting to any view — meaning that visitors can view the same website on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone. The bottom line: a responsive website eliminates the need for a separate mobile website, creating a better buying experience for your customers.

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2. Improved Mobile Search Rankings

Mobile search is increasing. Furthermore, responsive websites are now ranked higher than non-mobile-friendly sites in mobile Google searches. As of April, Google began to take responsiveness and mobile optimization into account when ranking websites and pages, and now grants better search placement for those that are mobile-friendly. The bottom line: adopting a responsive, mobile-friendly website can help customers find your products better.

Want to find out if your website is mobile-friendly? Click to access Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

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3. Improved Customer Experience

A responsive website significantly improves your customers’ mobile experience. No unnecessary horizontal scrolling; no odd formatting. Customers can view and interact with your website from anywhere and with ease. The bottom line: when the experience is improved, conversion rates increase.

It’s time to get responsive.

Give your customers what they want — the ability to find, browse and buy your products with ease on their mobile devices.


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