Sniperdyne Announces the Release of Nomad eCommerce Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Torre Tribout

O’Fallon, Illinois: Sniperdyne announces the release of Nomad eCommerce integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Nomad eCommerce is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) eCommerce application that drives web commerce purchases through the company ERP and related systems.

Sniperdyne began developing the Nomad eCommerce solution in March 2012 and currently has over 150 customers. One of the first implementations of Nomad integrated with Dynamics NAV is with Terrybear, a B2B leader in urns and memorials.

Before working with Sniperdyne, Terrybear had a basic website with no way for distributors to see current inventory or make a purchase. Tony Nguyen, Operations and IT Manager of Terrybear, said the elimination of manual order entry, the ability for distributors to order directly online, and the full integration with their ERP system was critical to their decision to work with Sniperdyne and Nomad.

“Sniperdyne has been a good partner. I don't feel like we've ever been ‘just’ a customer. A lot of times with software, you have a customer who purchases something from the vendor, and once they purchase it, the transaction is done. Sniperdyne is a trusted business partner, not just a company we have a customer-vendor relationship with,” Nguyen explained.

Torre Tribout, Director of Sales and founder of Sniperdyne, says, “Unlike other eCommerce software providers that require expensive, custom-built integration with your ERP system, we created Nomad with the understanding that orders from the web have to automatically and easily work with your accounting and shipping systems in the same way that orders entered by your customer team are processed.” Tribout continues to explain, “Our processes for implementing Nomad have been developed to be efficient at a cost-friendly price point.”

With the integration of Nomad, Terrybear has drastically cut the time necessary to perform the three main steps in their business processes: order entry, order management, and customizations. Because of these process enhancements, they expect a 50% increase in productivity within six months.

About Sniperdyne: Sniperdyne has designed eCommerce solutions for ERP software, including Nomad for Dynamics NAV, since 2000. The team has some of the best software engineers, graphic designers, project managers, QA, and support professionals in the industry. Visit our website for more information.

To learn more about how our manufacturing and distribution customers utilize Nomad’s eCommerce and ERP integration, request a demo.

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