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About Nomad eCommerce

The Nomad eCommerce solution is created by Sniperdyne.

Based in O'Fallon, Illinois, Sniperdyne has designed eCommerce solutions for ERP software since 2001. The team is comprised of leading software engineers, graphic designers, project managers, and QA professionals in the industry.

Sniperdyne began developing the Nomad eCommerce solution in March of 2012. At the time, we had an existing and effective eCommerce offering that integrated with ERP; however, we decided that it was time to take the knowledge that we gained over the prior 11 years to create a bigger, better, more sophisticated eCommerce solution. With experience, a talented team and a brand-new ASP.NET MVC framework, Nomad eCommerce was born.

Throughout our growth, we’ve remained committed to delivering state-of-the-art, strong, reliable and modern solutions that enable our customers’ growth.

Interested in learning more about Sniperdyne? Visit our company website at www.sniperdyne.com or contact us.

Corporate Office:

1405 North Green Mount Rd
Suite 260
O'Fallon, IL 62269

T: (855) 225-6304