5 Reasons Why Nomad erpCommerce is Better Than Traditional eCommerce

5 Reasons Nomad is Better Than Traditional eCommerce

Nomad eCommerce by Sniperdyne is a new, revolutionized eCommerce shopping cart application built to directly integrate with virtually any ERP system–including Exact Macola, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Syspro and more. Direct integration with ERP means data consistency, improved customer experience and less administration time for you: all at a fraction of the time and cost of connecting your ERP with a traditional eCommerce website.

So why is Nomad better? Here are 5 Reasons.


1. It directly integrates with your ERP

The Nomad expertise lies in fully synchronizing and combining your eCommerce data with your ERP. This integration occurs in three major categories of information: your customer data, order data and item data. These categories of data are seamlessly shared between your ERP and your eCommerce site, so that they need only be entered once in either system to be reflected in the other.

See how Nomad helped Williams Shooters Supply, Inc. feature over 23,000 products on the company’s eCommerce site with less administration time due to ERP integration: View Williams Shooters Supply, Inc.’s story.

WSS Story

2. It improves your customers’ experience and helps increase sales


Your eCommerce website should function as a customer service arm of your organization, providing the same valuable, up-to-date information that your customer service representatives would provide.

With Nomad eCommerce, your customers no longer have to contact you for updates regarding item availability, pricing, order status, shipping status or payment information, as this information, and more, is available electronically through Nomad. More accurate, timely information means a better experience for your customer and less administration for you.

See how Nomad improved Accutome’s eCommerce presence so much that it had customers commenting…and buying more: View Accutome’s story.


3. It handles complex pricing situations so you don’t have to

Pricing within the manufacturing and distribution world can become quite complex, and Nomad was built to control it all with ease. From individualized discounts, to pricing increases, to special offers — all price codes, and even quantity discounts, are automatically synced with your ERP for consistent pricing without the need for manual re-entry. And when your customers log in to your Nomad site, they view only their custom pricing on your storefront.

4. It can be customized and updated without the need for a web designer

Nomad was created to be simple to administer without the need for formal web design experience, and allows you to have the freedom to achieve the look and feel you desire for your storefront–whether it’s a custom look or one created from our templates. Want to periodically update the look of your site? No problem. Want to add, remove, update, edit your product descriptions or photos? You got it.

See how Nomad allows Wastequip team members to administer its eCommerce site with ease–alongside their other job duties: View Wastequip’s story


5. It helps bring traffic to you

Website metrics and conversion rates depend upon broad exposure and a positive user experience. Nomad is designed to: attract customers with built-in SEO features and automatic upload to Google Shopping’s product field; keep customers on your website longer by providing useful, valuable information; and encourage repeat visits any time of day or night for a strong, reliable and consistent website experience.

With global Javascript, you can easily gather custom 3rd party derived behavior metrics so you can see how visitors interact with your site.

See how Nomad helps Steele Rubber rise to the top of customers’ search results in Google: View Steele Rubber’s story.


To learn more about how our manufacturing and distribution customers utilize Nomad’s eCommerce and ERP integration, visit our website.

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