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Veloci Performance Products

The foundation of Veloci Performance Products, Inc. is rooted in quality; quality products, quality customer service and quality innovation. Veloci manufactures & produces premier performance equipment including: engine parts, detailing supplies, heaters and heater parts, pressure washing products, pump repair kits and much more. Utilizing the Nomad eCommerce solution for their online store, Veloci continues to be a global leader, and a household name brand in the vehicle cleaning industry.


B2B, Dynamics storefront


eCommerce website integrated with Microsoft Nav, UI design

The Veloci Goal: Webstore upgrade / complete ERP connectivity

Veloci has a valued reputation for their products and expertise in a variety of B2B markets including; industrial cleaning, car wash supplies, agriculture, and construction. Aaron Lindholm (President & CEO of Veloci) prides the company on the following: “Customers view us as a technology leader who are willing to invest in better resources for their business.” Aaron continues, “Our goal is to always be on the leading edge in comparison to our competitors.”

From a software perspective - implementing a new website (completely integrated with Veloci’s back-end Microsoft NAV software) was critical to the company’s continued success. The main objective for this new online store was creating a user-friendly site that’s also easy to navigate for B2B consumers.

“Our goal is to always be on the leading edge in comparison to our competitors.”

The Nomad Difference - B2B eCommerce

Nomad was built and designed for complete synchronization to Microsoft Dynamics. Once installed and configured, Nomad seamlessly integrates your company’s products, customers and order information with Microsoft Dynamics.

“The Nomad Team took our ideas from concept to reality by making the process very fluid and organized.” - Aaron Lindholm, Veloci President & CEO

The Nomad Team meticulously designed Veloci’s web store, where the team at Veloci experienced zero downtime and zero customer service interruptions. “Every IT related project I have been part of has bumps in the road,” said Lindholm. “The way Nomad team responded to those bumps in the road was to work through the night (literally) to address the issues so our customers never knew anything was wrong.” 

Between the flexibility of Nomad eCommerce, to seamless Dynamics ERP connectivity, to the responsiveness of the Nomad Team in general… Veloci’s critical business requirements were discussed, reviewed and executed accordingly. Throughout the project, Lindholm alludes to one recurring theme, “Nomad’s Project Team turned our business ideas from concept… to a reality.”

The Result

“We have a new website that flawlessly integrates to Dynamics. Our customers that we have sat with in person love the new website and platform.”

Upon implementation, Veloci’s customers noticed an immediate impact:

  1. User friendly navigation for both products & pricing
  2. Improved customer service

“We have a brand new sales tool to be leveraged in our sales process.  Most importantly, our customers can much more easily find product and we can easily update our product offering any day of the week.”

Veloci employees also experienced a return on the company’s investment:

  1. Improved sales
  2. Immediate cost savings

“We previously were printing THOUSANDS of catalogs, which we no longer are…”

About Nomad eCommerce

Nomad has been a leading B2B eCommerce solution provider for over 10 years.. Nomad shares data seamlessly between your company’s website and back-end Dynamics ERP platform.

Nomad is a complete Content Management System (CMS), built & designed to address critical business requirements of manufacturing and distribution environments. Nomad supports everything from your site’s standard functionality to extensive customizations. Nomad is fully able to handle advanced functionalities / extensions well beyond alternative eCommerce options.

Nomad eCommerce is a Certified Microsoft Dynamics Solution and featured on both Microsoft AppSource and the AzureMarketPlace. Please reach-out to us at 855.225.6304 to schedule time with our project team and discuss how we can build your organization a complimentary trial-site.

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