NOPS (Nomad Operations) Data Migration Process

Data NOPS Migration

By Jennifer Beasley, Opportunity Specialist

We have started the process of migrating from our current production hosting environment to a more robust enterprise level data center.

Our Nomad team engineered many improvements to our NOPS interface such as:

  • Better performance Faster hosting and a faster backend
  • Modernized User Interface a more friendly interface with a sleek new look and feel
  • NOPS Editor WYSIWYG functionality that allows you to view website changes in real-time
  • More features for added enhancements and functionality

With your help, your new CMS can be up and running live soon. Here’s what we’ll require from you:

  • Access to your DNS (or you can choose to make the change to the DNS yourself)

Nomad will update your connection to sync with the right environment and our team will securely and effortlessly pull over all data files for you to the new Content Management System, offering you little to no work required from the process.

If you have any questions about the migration process, please feel free to call our support team at 1-855-225-6304