Give your Dynamics customers the integration they need to do more with their eCommerce site

Give your Dynamics customers the integration they need to do more with their eCommerce site.

Microsoft Dynamics is an ERP software solution and financial accounting system for small and midsized organizations. Nomad erpCommerce integrates with Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Making your eCommerce site and your ERP system work together can be a frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming process – but not with Nomad eCommerce.

Crafted by leading eCommerce experts using the latest Microsoft technologies, Nomad eCommerce is optimized for use as an enterprise-level eCommerce solution with an integration setup specific to Dynamics NAV.

Our integration provides highly customizable field mappings and handles custom complex business logic while maintaining a fast and reliable connection with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With Nomad eCommerce, your system will sync orders, customers, addresses, inventory, pricing, and more using Microsoft Dynamics’ Web Services API.

Nomad gives you a mobile-ready eCommerce storefront capable of business-to-business (trusted partners) or business-to-consumer transactions.

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Information shared seamlessly between Microsoft Dynamics and the Nomad eCommerce platform that:

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Key Benefits of eCommerce Designed for ERP integration:

  • Complex pricing made easy: Nomad supports all ERP customer pricing, including discounts and quantity breaks, and customers only see a personalized view of their custom pricing.
  • The site reflects your ERP information in near real-time: Information – including pricing changes, customer information updates, and customer discounts – is shared through APIs and ERP maps.
  • Built for the manufacturer and distributor:  Nomad is built for the consumer, the distributor, and the manufacturer. Easily brand your website, add and update content, create your own custom discounts and coupon codes, and more – with no formal web design experience.
  • Built-in SEO features:  Nomad’s built-in SEO features keep customers on your website longer with useful, valuable information and repeat visits are encouraged, leading to a positive, reliable, and consistent website experience.