A Buyer’s Guide to eCommerce Systems

Stop wasting your time and money on traditional eCommerce systems with expensive configurations and poor customer experience.

Manufacturing and distribution company managers must carefully consider their business needs to determine if the eCommerce system they’re evaluating can deliver the features and functions that matter.

We wrote this guide to help you choose a modern eCommerce system; it answers the questions we hear from manufacturing and distribution executives every day, including:

  • What are the benefits of implementing an eCommerce system as a B2B website?
  • What are the differences between B2B and B2C eCommerce vendors and tools?
  • What questions should I ask potential vendor partners?
  • What are the key features of a B2B eCommerce system?

We approach the analysis from the viewpoint of businesses that recognize the need to integrate their ERP (enterprise resource planning) and eCommerce systems so their customers can trust that website information is valid and purchase data flows seamlessly into and between back-end business processes.

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A note about ERP: ERP, or enterprise resource planning, refers to the systems and software used to manage daily business processes, such as accounting and inventory. ERP is critical for the flow of data between departments and business activities for many companies, including those in the manufacturing and distribution sector.

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nomad ecommerce cycle

Key Benefits of eCommerce Designed for ERP integration:

  • Complex pricing made easy: Nomad supports all ERP customer pricing, including discounts and quantity breaks, and customers only see a personalized view of their custom pricing.
  • In the cloud, connected to your office: Nomad’s powerful syncing function means the hybrid-cloud model integrates with your company’s on-premise ERP and marketing data.
  • Maintained by you, not a web developer: Easily brand your website, add and update content, optimize for SEO, create custom discounts and coupon codes, and more – with no formal web design experience.
  • See what’s working and what to do more of: Nomad’s dashboard provides insight into customer behavior, peak purchase times, item sales performance, promotion effectiveness, and more.