Founded in 1989, Wastequip is the leading North American manufacturer of waste and recycling equipment, and the only manufacturer to offer a full line of steel and plastic products to collect, handle and transport waste and recyclables.


The Wastequip product line is comprised of several highly recognized brands in the waste and recycling industry including:

  • Wastequip: compactors, balers, steel containers and environmental products
  • Toter: plastic carts and containers
  • Galbreath: hoists, container handlers and trailers
  • Mountain Tarp and Pioneer: tarps
  • Cusco: industrial vacuum trucks and hydro excavators
  • Go To Parts: OEM and aftermarket parts

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Wastequip has manufacturing facilities throughout North America.

The Wastequip Goal

It’s like we went from a convenience store to a big box store in about a year.

In 2014, Wastequip set its sights on a new goal--to consolidate its parts sales into a new company called Go To Parts. Up until that time, each Wastequip brand --including Toter, Galbreath and Pioneer-- sold parts individually, each using independent sales, ordering and eCommerce systems. With a combined 10,000 - 12,000 parts sold to more than 15,000 customers, Wastequip’s goal was to ultimately provide better, more efficient customer service through the Go To Parts business.

Jarrod Eudy, Product Support Specialist at Go To Parts, likens the process to “going from a convenience store to a big box store in about a year.” Though the goal was huge, with a collaborative company culture and a successful implementation of Nomad eCommerce integrated with its Exact Macola ERP, Wastequip did, in fact, achieve this goal.

The Nomad eCommerce Difference

Nomad really does a lot more work for us than a simple eCommerce system. We’ve put Nomad to the test on a completely different level.

The goal of combining the sales of all brands into one system was just the beginning of the complexity for Go To Parts. The company needed a system that could handle thousands of products, for thousands of customers--with each customer having a unique pricing code, unique pricing variables, and unique discounts on all products.

Additionally, as Go To Parts utilizes Exact Macola ERP as well as a 3rd party shipping group, in order to run the business efficiently, Go To Parts needed a solution that would enable the flow of information between each of these systems. “Nomad really does a lot more work for us than a simple eCommerce system. We’ve put Nomad to the test on a completely different level than most other vendors,” says Jarrod.

After thorough market research, Go To Parts chose the Nomad eCommerce solution. “Other eCommerce systems would not have been feasible for a small business like ours,” Jarrod notes. A traditional eCommerce solution would require a full-time developer to maintain the system and additional resources to integrate the system with ERP, and in Go To Parts’ case, with the 3rd party shipping group as well. But with Nomad, Jarrod has been able to administer their Nomad eCommerce site, teach others within the organization to use, update, edit and customize it, and still successfully handle his other, non-website-related job responsibilities.

Design and marketing features of the site, including updating product information, images, layout and more are also performed by Jarrod and his team--without the need for specific design or web development experience. “Nomad has so many options that allow us to be creative with our site, yet is still very easy to use.”

Improving Customer Service

Yet another complexity faced by Wastequip was the reality that customers now had to learn a new way to place orders with Wastequip. Though the industry is not known for being highly tech-savvy, Wastequip offered brief training sessions to its customers, allowing them to fully realize the ease-of-use and benefits of the system. “Once they got in there, they loved the fact that they could now see their invoices and order tracking information without having to pick up the phone and call us.”

As any changes made to pricing, availability or inventory within Wastequip’s Exact Macola ERP are immediately reflected into Nomad without the need for duplicate entry, not only are customers able to view their invoices and order tracking information after they place an order, but throughout the ordering process, they’re also able to view accurate inventory availability and their customized pricing and discount information.

The Result

The Nomad system is wonderful, and our relationship with the Sniperdyne team has been equally as great as the product.

With the goal of improving customer service achieved and easily maintained, Wastequip is now setting its sights on new growth goals.

“We’re growing every day,” says Jarrod. “The Nomad system is wonderful, and our relationship with the Sniperdyne team has been equally as great as the product. From our account executive to the support team and project management, everyone at Sniperdyne has been awesome, and has enabled us to administer our site smoothly and with ease.”

About Nomad eCommerce

Nomad eCommerce is a robust, easy-to-maintain, easy-to-design and easy-to-scale eCommerce solution that integrates with any ERP system.

Our team has designed and delivered superior eCommerce solutions integrated with ERP for 10 years with the goal of helping small to mid-sized manufacturers and distributors achieve efficiency and growth through technology.

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Nomad advantages:

Seamless integration with ERP and 3rd-party software: Nomad is able to seamlessly “talk” to Wastequip’s Exact Macola ERP and 3rd-party shipping software, so that within an hour after an order is placed, Wastequip is picking the order to be shipped.

Optimized for complex pricing situations: Nomad allows a company of Wastequip’s size and scope to implement many, complex product, pricing and discount options with ease.

User friendly design and marketing options: Wastequip is able to add, update, and change product info, images and look of the website with ease.

Optimized for small to mid-sized businesses: Wastequip employees without web development experience can administer the site alongside their other job responsibilities

Improved customer experience: Wastequip customers, especially larger accounts, love the ability to view invoices and order tracking without having to call customer service.