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Simplify Complex B2B Pricing with Seamless ERP Integration.

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B2B Pricing Complexities Made Effortless

Nomad handles even the most complicated B2B pricing structures. With our scriptable logic, pricing is managed in a streamlined and efficient manner, ensuring your customers quickly see their own negotiated price—every time

Customized pricing. Simplified management

Thanks to Nomad’s direct connection to your ERP, you can pull data from your back-end pricing and discounting engine to support default pricing, customer only-pricing, customer-type pricing, tandem pricing, and quantity pricing with breaks.

B2B Pricing Complexities Made Effortless

Easily deliver custom pricing combinations to different customer classes on your website. Nomad pre-calculates and caches all customer pricing, enabling lightning-fast page load times of under 2 seconds, even in situations where there are over a million price combinations.

Our highly configurable solution eliminates pricing conflicts and ensures that the right price is always displayed to the right customer—even when dealing with pricing that incorporates different promotional variables in the ERP.

Maximize revenue and profitability with flexible pricing strategies such as cost plus, value-based, and competition-based pricing, as well as inventory turnover discounts. Tailor pricing further based on customers, products, or markets for a competitive edge and increased sales.

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