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Deliver Streamlined Product Configurations and Variations Direct From Your ERP.

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B2B Pricing Complexities Made Effortless

Nomad offers a user-friendly solutions for both product variation and customizable configuration-based orders.

Expansive Product Configuration and Variation Support

Nomad's Product Variants feature syncs to the ERP to display several products on one page without the need for "variation hacking" found in other eCommerce platforms. Add inventory items to product pages, create various versions of the same item, and present them in the way that works best.

B2B Pricing Complexities Made Effortless

Take things to the next level with our Product Configurator and build a custom product from a base item. Make it simple for your customers to combine pre-defined components into unique configurations that address their needs.

Add components to a product's bill of materials (BOM) with Nomad's configure-to-order feature using guided questions. Set rules to ensure compatibility once item selection has begun. Sync configurations with your ERP’s configurator so orders flow directly into your ERP as a BOM.

Set up unified configurations in your ERP, syncing them automatically to Nomad. Ensure up-to-date component options and eliminate the need for two configurator platforms.

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