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Optimize B2B Checkout and Shipping Processes With Seamless ERP Integration

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B2B Pricing Complexities Made Effortless

Nomad offers a B2B-focused checkout and shipping module that’s flexibile, secure, and PCI compliant. Generate precise shipping estimates, accommodate negotiated payment terms, and customize checkout—using ERP data.

Custom Checkout and Shipping Made Easy.

Easily fulfill custom shipping and checkout requirements cost-effectively. Nomad's extensive feature set supports configurable shipping estimates, custom checkout questions, order splitting, payment options driven by a customer’s negotiated terms, as well as purchase order entry, sales tax, and discounts.

B2B Pricing Complexities Made Effortless

Configure shipping estimates using data pulled directly from your ERP. Nomad eCommerce utilizes your ERP data to provide a smooth and streamlined checkout experience.

Provide uniform shipping cost estimates for every order and support customers who order in different ways, without having to rely on multiple platforms or navigate data silos. With Nomad you can deliver a unified and seamless experience—no matter which channel is used.

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