Nomad Release

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Here are some updates and fixes included in this release:

Nops -

  1. Google Analytics has been upgraded from classic to universal analytics. This is to be in line with the changes put forth by Google.

  2. Corrected an issue where customer users that had been disabled in NOPS were being re enabled during the syncing process. This will no longer occur.

  3. We have lifted the restriction on Storefront shopping lists from 5, the limit has been increased to 35. A shopping list limit setting has been added to the General Settings area of Nops to allow you to configure how many lists your customers can have.


  1. A WYSIWYG supporting markdown and HTML has been added to the long description area of product pages, let us know what you think.

Storefront -

1 . The state drop down on storefront checkout will now display "Please Select" when the customer has not selected a state instead of defaulting to "Alabama".