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Notable Changes Storefront - Authorization code now sent with guest orders, so guest customers can register after checkout is complete and still attach to their account Storefront - customers past their credit limit are no longer prevented from completing checkout, the order is placed on hold. Storefront - Account Number (external id) and Credit figures are now displayed, if present Storefront - Addresses can now be locked from editing Storefront - document lists and image galleries can now be shown on content pages Storefront - Internet Explorer compatibility mode no longer has any power to wreak havoc on our CSS and JS. Nops - Switching site context now keeps you in the same relative area Nops - The site logo now displays on nops as a background image to better show context Nops - A "mega menu" was added for the design section, to quickly navigate the the most commonly used areas.
Nops - menus now "trim" based on your role and ability to view a section Nops - global javascript was moved to it's own section, along with some help text to encourage proper use