Microsoft Dynamics Integrated eCommerce

Microsoft Dynamics Integrated eCommerce

What We Are:

Nomad eCommerce was crafted by some of the leading eCommerce experts using the latest Microsoft technologies. Nomad eCommerce is an entirely proprietary solution that has been optimized for use as an enterprise level eCommerce solution.

Nomad eCommerce provides a full service solution with a fully responsive storefront capable of B2B or B2C eCommerce optimized for fast page load times and easy management of your eCommerce storefront.

How It Works:

Nomad eCommerce offers a near real time sync of orders, customer, addresses, inventory, pricing, among countless data points using Microsoft Dynamics’ Web Services API.

Our integration is able to provide highly customizable field mappings and handle custom complex business logic all while maintaining a fast and reliable connection with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Additional benefits of Microsoft Dynamics integrated eCommerce:

  • Complex pricing made easy: Your customers view only their custom pricing on your storefront; automatically providing each customer a personalized view of their own custom pricing. Nomad supports all ERP customer pricing including discounts and quantity breaks.
  • Hybrid cloud, SaaS platform: The hybrid cloud model allows for efficient integration with your company’s on-premise ERP and marketing data, as Nomad easily syncs this data with the cloud-based Nomad eCommerce platform.
  • Integrated CMS: Easily brand your website, add and update content, optimize for SEO, create your own custom discounts and coupon codes and more -- without the need for formal web design experience.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Nomad’s dashboard provides insight into your customers’ behaviors, peak purchase times, sales performance of items, effectiveness of promotions and more.