Turn Your ERP into an eCommerce Powerhouse with Nomad

Your Microsoft Dynamics houses all the back end information you need to run your business smoothly. Nomad takes all that valuable information and creates a powerful eCommerce website that translates those back end operations into front end sales, seamlessly.

Nomad is an affordable solution to one of the biggest problems our clients face daily:

how to turn their business information into a profit-turning machine online.

But here’s the thing – the problem might be similar across the board, but the solution is never exactly the same for any two businesses. We get that. Our entire team, from leadership to developers, to account managers and beyond have all faced the same business challenges you face every day. We not only understand what you’re trying to accomplish, they have the technological know-how and ability to craft a custom-designed system that fits your unique set of business needs, challenges, opportunities, and goals. When you work with Nomad, you get complete white glove service, from start to finish and beyond, including:

A dedicated account manager

Powerful B2B functionality that doesn’t exist anywhere else

The ability to easily customize the site and system to meet your specific needs

Seamless workflow, even with third party companies (and yes, that includes your marketing team!)

Affordability – from setup to ongoing, all-inclusive monthly costs

Charges made on a fixed fee, transactional-count based system

North American based team

We won’t sit here and promise to be the best solution regardless of your goals or your business. Because maybe we’re not. That’s thing about being really really good at something specific – it means you’re not the best answer for some people. But it also means you are, hands down, the best answer for the people you’ve set out to serve. And for Nomad, that’s B2B.

If you’re a B2B business ready to level up your operations and leverage your backend information into a powerful eCommerce platform, we are the right choice. Period.

You’ll get:

  • A complex pre-calculated pricing algorithm table for all your pricing needs
  • Multiple prices can be shown on a per-customer basis
  • Direct connection with your database of product and business information
  • Rich information displayed on your customer-facing eCommerce that helps set you up for SEO success
  • Easy-to-use online ordering experience
  • Seamless data sharing with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Customer portal featuring important order information
  • Analytics to drive sales visibility